NIXUS International is a global leader in the provision of cathodic protection systems and components, composite pipeline repair systems, and enzyme-enhanced oil recovery. For more than 30 years, we’ve provided cost-effective and timely solutions to the world’s largest petroleum companies. Our experience allows us to deliver the right product—on time and on budget—to any point on the globe.

Cathodic Protection

NIXUS serves the water and gas utilities, and the marine, oil and petrochemical industries with a complete range of specialized cathodic protection materials. Our sacrificial anodes, MMO anodes, impressed current anodes, and cathodic protection cables have been tested and proven in the world’s most extreme climates and environments—from the Arctic Sea to the Indian Ocean, and all points between.

Corrosion Control

NIXUS offers first class corrosion control engineering services for customers located anywhere in the world. Regardless of the project’s scope or location, our skilled, experienced, and competent engineers will mobilize quickly and economically to provide site surveys (including CIPS and DCVG), stray current analysis, audits and testing of existing systems, and cathodic protection system design.

Pipeline Repair

NIXUS StrongBack is the world’s leading composite reinforcement system. Consisting of water-activated, resin-impregnated glass fibre tape and a specially-formulated epoxy, StrongBack is the strongest, simplest, and most cost-effective permanent repair solution available today. The StrongBack system is suited to both pipeline and structural repair and reinforcement applications on land and undersea.

Enzyme EOR

NIXUS International is an authorized distributor of GreenZyme®, the world’s first bio-enzyme genetically engineered for use in enhanced oil recovery and well stimulation. Wells treated with GreenZyme will typically increase daily production output by 90% or greater, and often double in production two weeks after being treated. NIXUS distributes GreenZyme throughout the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Global Delivery

NIXUS International has the knowledge and experience to navigate complex customs and import controls. We regularly ship materials and components to customers on five continents and in more than sixty countries. We work with our customers to select the fastest, most secure, and most cost-effective shipping methods. NIXUS will ship your order to any point on the globe—quickly, safely, and economically.

Trusted & Experienced

NIXUS International provides cathodic protection materials, pipeline repair and reinforcement systems, enzyme EOR, and corrosion control engineering services to the world’s largest oil and natural gas production and transportation companies.

Cathodic Protection Materials & Components

NIXUS International provides sales and export management for the world’s most-trusted brands of cathodic protection materials. Our experienced engineers will assist you in selecting and purchasing the right materials for your CP project.

Cathodic Protection

We offer a complete range of galvanic and impressed-current anodes for use in concrete and steel structures, marine applications, onshore and offshore oil rigs, sub-surface and above-surface storage tanks, and pipelines.


NIXUS partners with a wide range of CP cable brands and suppliers including Champlain Cable Corp. and Performance Wire and Cable. Technologies represented include irradiated Kynar™ (PVDF) insulated HMWPE sheathed cable, XLPE, and Halar HMWPE.


A complete selection of test stations and equipment are available for your next project, including the CS 3100 parallel axis dual coupon station which provides accuracy, economy, and easy installation.

Power Supplies

NIXUS offers durable, reliable, and energy-efficient transformer rectifiers, thermal electric generators, closed-cycle vapor turbogenerators, and solar power units from the world’s leading brands and suppliers.

StrongBack® Pipeline Repair and Structural Reinforcement System

StrongBack is the most cost-effective, fastest, and most versatile pipe and structural composite repair and remediation system available today. StrongBack is the clear choice of experienced engineers throughout the world.

by NIXUS International

StrongBack Advantages:

✔ Tested and Proven Worldwide
✔ Economy and Cost-Effectiveness
✔ Strength and Longevity
✔ Versatility
✔ Speed and Simplicity
✔ Safety
✔ Expert Technical Support

The world’s leading composite reinforcement system.

Enzyme Enhanced Oil Recovery

The world’s most advanced, proven, and eco-friendly enhanced oil recovery system.

GreenZyme is an environmentally-safe protein-based nonliving catalyst that stimulates oil well production, aids in the cleanup of sludge in Superfund sites, and removes clogging in pipelines, refineries, storage facilities, and ships’ storage tanks. GreenZyme has a proven history of significantly increasing the recovery of crude oil from most wells, both onshore and offshore.