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Cathodic Protection, Corrosion Control, Pipeline Repair, and Enzyme EOR

NIXUS International Corporation

NIXUS International, located in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, U.S.A., is a world leader in the fields of enzyme enhanced oil recovery (EEOR), pipeline and structural repair and reinforcement, corrosion control engineering, and cathodic protection materials.

NIXUS International distributes GreenZyme®—an environmentally-safe protein-based nonliving catalyst that stimulates oil well production, aids in the cleanup of sludge in Superfund sites, and removes clogging in pipelines, refineries, storage facilities, and ships’ storage tanks. GreenZyme has a proven history of significantly increasing the recovery of crude oil from most wells, both onshore and offshore.

NIXUS International produces StrongBack®, the world’s leading composite reinforcement system for repair and remediation of pipelines and structures on land, undersea, and in the splash zone.

Additionally, NIXUS International provides corrosion control engineering, global trade consulting, and support and training services both remotely and on location, throughout the world.

NIXUS International possesses more than thirty years of experience in the engineering disciplines with a strong focus on the petrochemical industry. Experts in international import and export procedures, NIXUS International facilitates millions of U.S. Dollars worth of global trade every year.

NIXUS Product Websites

NIXUS StrongBack

NIXUS StrongBack

NIXUS StrongBack is the world’s leading composite pipeline and structural repair and reinforcement system.

Nixus EEOR GreenZyme

GreenZyme is the first, most proven, and most cost-effective enzyme enhanced oil recovery solution.

Quality & Compliance

NIXUS International is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Many of our product lines are certified and/or ASME compliant.

Popular Product Lines

  • All Stuart Steel Product Lines
  • StrongBack®
  • GreenZyme® EEOR
  • CP Tech Galvalum™ Anodes
  • Champlain EXAR™ Cable
  • Performance Wire & Cable
  • LP Hoying Power Supplies
  • SESCO Interrupters

Product Support

NIXUS International's clients receive the highest level of customer service and product support before, during, and after each purchase.


NIXUS International
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