CP Power Supplies

Cathodic Protection Power Supplies

Impressed current cathoic protection systems can be worthless if the power source, or energy converter, is not durable, reliable, or consumes excessive energy. Certain “features” have become standard equipment for transformer rectifiers but the most important facets remain build quality, low maintenance requirements, and reliability. Our solar power supplier has developed a Reduced Energy at Night (REN) system which conserves output energy during the period when solar energy conversion is at its lowest point. NIXUS supplies only dependable, well-constructed power sources:

  • Current Interrupters
  • Transformer Rectifiers
  • Thermal Electric Generators
  • Closed-cycle Vapor Turbogenerators
  • Solar Power Units
CP Transformer Rectifiers

NIXUS supplies a full range of transformer rectifiers for use in cathodic protection systems. From large, heavy duty oil cooled models to lightweight, compact, low voltage units, we have the knowledge and experience to help you select or design the right rectifier for your system. Our rectifiers are field proven, conservatively rated, and represent the highest levels of quality control and craftsmanship.

  • Air cooled
  • Oil immersed
  • Explosion proof
  • Special purpose
  • Custom designs
  • C.S.A., E.T.L., and U.L. approved models available
LP Hoying Power Supplies

NIXUS International is pleased to feature the complete line of LP Hoying cathodic protection power supplies and solar power panels, including:

Output Monitors

  • HCSECM Montior
  • HCSXDCR Transduced

Power Supply Formats

  • Sunpole Solar Systems
  • Large Solar Systems
  • Sidewalk Solar Systems
  • Water Tank Solar Systems

Solar Regulators and Controllers

  • Charge/Output Controller
  • Reduced Energy at Night (REN)
  • Continuous Output

Solar Power Supply Equipment

  • Alcad batteries
  • Kyocera Solar Panels

Quality & Compliance

NIXUS International is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Many of our product lines are certified and/or ASME compliant.

Popular Product Lines

  • All Stuart Steel Product Lines
  • StrongBack®
  • GreenZyme® EEOR
  • CP Tech Galvalum™ Anodes
  • Champlain EXAR™ Cable
  • Performance Wire & Cable
  • LP Hoying Power Supplies
  • SESCO Interrupters

Product Support

NIXUS International's clients receive the highest level of customer service and product support before, during, and after each purchase.


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