Cathodic Protection Anodes

NIXUS International provides both sacrificial and impressed-current cathodic protection anodes in a complete range of standard materials, sizes, and shapes and can produce custom-designed anodes for non-standard applications.

Sacrificial Anodes

NIXUS provides sacrificial anodes of the highest metallurgical quality in all industry-standard shapes and sizes, and in a variety of materials including:

  • Zinc
  • Magnesium
  • Aluminum

In addition to standardized anodes, NIXUS can provide specialized anodes manufactured to any dimensions and core configurations to suit specific project requirements and needs.

Cathodic Protection Technology Pte Ltd Anodes

NIXUS supplies the full line of CP Tech galvanic anodes favored by major oil companies, tanker operators, bulk carriers, and general cargo ship owners.

Galvalum™ Aluminum Sacrificial Anodes

The Galvalum family of aluminum alloy anodes have proven themselves over many decades, reliably protecting structures in a variety of extreme and challenging conditions—from harsh climes to temperate waters in the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans, the North, Mediterranean, and Caspian Seas, the Persian Gulf, the Gulfs of Mexico and Guinea, and all points in between.

Galvalum anodes are the first choice of all operators who demand nothing less than absolute quality assurance and dependable performance, and conform to U.S. MILSPEC 18001K standards. An ISO 9001 company with unmatched manufacturing capability, our supplier is the only producer of genuine Galvalum anodes in the world.

Galvalum I

With a potential lower than magnesium, a current capacity greater than zinc, and no polarization, Galvalum I anodes provide economic cathodic protection for offshore and marine structures such as platforms, tanks, steel piers, ballast tanks, ships’ hulls, and a range of support structures. Galvalum I has a nominal composition of 0.45% zinc and 0.045% mercury in an aluminum purity of approximately 99.85% and requires no heat treating. An anode system design life of ten to twenty years is common with Galvalum I.

Galvalum II

Because the action of sulphate-reducing bacteria is the presumed cause of reduced current capacity within aluminum anodes, Galvalum II has been specifically developed to achieve higher performance in environments where mixed seawater and seabed (saline mud) is encountered. Galvalum II is ideal for use in offshore pipelines where hydrogen sulphide, generated by micro-organisms, may degrade the performance of an aluminum anode.

Galvalum III

Although Galvalum III was designed for general seawater use, it renders a particularly high level of protection to hot pipeplines in saline mud environments. With a slightly lower ampere per hour capacity than Galvalum I, its higher driving voltage results in more current output for any anode size and weight.

Galvalum III

is type approved by Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and complies with DNV practice B401 and NORSOK M-503 CP Long Term Testing standards.

Impressed Current Anodes

Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO) Anodes

The MMO anode provides superior cathodic protection in all applications: soils, freshwater, brackish water, seawater, and concrete. The mixed metal oxide coating has an extremely low consumption rate, and the titanium substrate remains constant throughout the design life of the anode. Our suppliers maintain strict quality control procedures at all times to ensure excellent coating adhesion and loading. NIXUS offers MMO anodes in a range of shapes and materials.

MMO Anode Shapes

Ribbon: Ideally suited for the cathodic protection of the under-bottoms of above ground storage tanks. The thinness of the ribbon anode and conductor bar allows them to be safely and effectively placed in the shallow fine foundation sand layer directly under the tank bottom plates.

Tubular: Conventional horizontal and deep well anode groundbeds have become significantly less expensive to construct due to the small size of MMO anodes when compared to silicon iron or graphite anodes of similar output. Whether loading onshore deep well ground beds or laying offshore sled or tensioned systems, MMO anode strings (multiple anodes connected with a single or separate lead wires) facilitate easier installation.

Rod: For installations where a “probe” style anode is most practical, such as condenser water boxes and other pressure vessels, this type of anode is manufactured from MMO coated solid titanium rods, of standard or custom produced diameters and lengths. The rods can be supplied with or without one end threaded and fully assembled with nipples, “O” rings, polypropylene protection, and conduit boxes.

Mesh: Anode ground bed installations that were typically built using heavy and cumbersome bare or canistered silicon iron anodes can now be more easily constructed using the lightweight MMO coated mesh anodes. Strips of wire coated mesh are securely positioned inside small diameter galvanized steel canisters, flexible conduit or fabric, filled with a petroleum cokebreeze. A 48″ long strip, canistered anode produces 5 A for 20 years, supplanting the larger, heavier, and less manageable 3″ x 60″ silicon iron anode.

Wire: Particularly suitable for long, continuous horizontal groundbeds and suspended for internal water storage tank systems, wire MMO anodes can also be used directly in freshwater, saltwater, or canistered in backfill for discrete buried applications.

Impressed Current Anodes

While MMO impressed current anodes have established themselves as the most versatile, effective, and economical choice, NIXUS can supply non-coated anodes in a complete range of materials and standard or custom shapes and sizes.



Silicon Iron

High silicon iron has excellent resistance to corrosion within a wide range of environments, resulting in extensive use and a proven record of performance in impressed current cathodic protection systems of more than 70 years.

NIXUS offers a comprehensive range of silicon iron anodes in solid or tubular form. They can be supplied bare, with lead wire attached, or ready assembled in canisters with carbonaceous backfill suitable for immediate installation in vertical or horizontal groundbeds. They can also be supplied attached to specially designed sleds, usually for retro-fit offshore applications.

A variety of lead wire / cable gauges and construction can be supplied with epoxy caps or heat shrink polyolefin caps.


Graphite anodes are available with proven impregnation materials, generally linseed, to prevent internal degradation and to achieve maximum life. Generally, these anodes have center-tapped lead wire attachment which can minimize premature failure from “end-effect”.

When used with carbonaceous backfill, graphite anodes provide economic and reliable electrodes for underground impressed current systems, particularly in high-resistivity environments. Graphite has excellent electrical conductivity which ensures good current distribution and uniform material consumption.

Platinized Titanium & Niobium

These inert anodes can be supplied in a wide range of sizes and shapes, for both marine or, in special backfill, for buried installations. The platinum coating can be deposited onto the titanium substrate in various thicknesses, depending on the application and required life.

Lead Alloy

Lead alloy anodes are adaptable and robust and most suited, in various configurations, for use in seawater applications. They are generally alloyed with small percentages of silver and antimony. The alloy produces a conductive oxide film on its’ surface which acts as the anode.

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