GreenZyme EEOR Sales

The petrochemical engineers at NIXUS International have more than 30 years of experience in enhanced oil recovery (EOR), pipeline integrity and reinforcement, corrosion control engineering, cathodic protection materials, and LPG compressors, valves, and fittings. They provide comprehensive solutions to complex problems and will provide your organization with a customized GreenZyme® solution and sales support.
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Discuss your project with an experienced petrochemical engineer and receive a custom GreenZyme EEOR solution.

GreenZyme Advantages
  • Proven performance
  • Superior to other EOR methods
  • Simple application
  • Expedient
  • Environmentally safe
  • Cost-efficient
GreenZyme Applications
  • Waterflooding wells
  • Single huff-and-puff wells
  • Steam-injection wells
  • Chemical fracturing wells
  • Acid-treated and hot oil–treated wells
  • Chemical EOR-treated wells
  • Thermal extraction wells
  • Sludge cleanup in tanks, containers, ships, and pipelines
  • Oil spill and accident cleanup


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