CP Accessories

NIXUS International carries a wide range of cathodic protection accessory products and parts, held either in-stock and available for immediate shipment, or available for quick shipment direct from our supplier partners.

Heatshrink Anode Caps

NIXUS stocks anode caps for immediate shipment. Our caps are mastic lined for additional protection, resistant to a wide range of solvents, suitable for cable sizes of 4mm to 25mm (10AWG to 4AWG), and possess a dielectric strength of 11kV mm.

Solvent Resistance

  • Saline: Excellent
  • Hydraulic fuel: Good
  • Lubricating oil: Very Good
  • De-icing fluid: Very Good
  • Aviation fuel: Fair

Filoform Cathodic Protection Cable Splice Kits

NIXUS provides a range of Filoform splice kits for quick and simple splicing of buried or underwater cathodic protection cable.

  • Filoform cold shrink kits: Pre-stretched and ready for installation.
  • Filoform resin kits: Perfect for irregularly shaped connections.
  • Filoform heat shrink kits: For maximum, long-term protection.
We’re Here to Help

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Stuart Steel Protection

NIXUS International is the exclusive export distribution agent for Stuart Steel Protection, one of the world's largest suppliers of cathodic protection equipment and materials with more than 100 product lines.


NIXUS StrongBack is the world’s leading composite pipeline and structural repair and reinforcement system. For complete product and engineering specifications, field studies, and purchasing information, please visit our StrongBack website.


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