Corrosion COntrol Engineering Services

NIXUS International is proud of the relationships we have developed with first-class corrosion control engineering companies based around the world. Regardless of the scope of work or the location of assignment, one of our skilled, experienced, and competent partners will not be far away, mobilizing quickly and economically.

NIXUS Corrosion Control Engineers can provide your project with:

  • Cathodic protection design for buried and immersed structures
  • Stray current analysis and corrosion prevention system design
  • Corrosion audits and assessments of existing corrosion control systems
  • Site surveys, including CIPS and DCVG
  • Routine and ad hoc maintenance, testing, and compliance
We’re Here to Help

Discuss your project with an experienced engineer and receive a customized NIXUS sales or consulting solution.

Stuart Steel Protection

NIXUS International is the exclusive export distribution agent for Stuart Steel Protection, one of the world's largest suppliers of cathodic protection equipment and materials with more than 100 product lines.


NIXUS StrongBack is the world’s leading composite pipeline and structural repair and reinforcement system. For complete product and engineering specifications, field studies, and purchasing information, please visit our StrongBack website.


GreenZyme is the first, most proven, and most cost-effective enzyme enhanced oil recovery solution.