GreenZyme EEOR Advantages

GreenZyme is superior to other EOR treatment methods such as chemical, thermal, and microbe, and outperforms competing “-zyme” products, most of which are enzyme enhanced oil recovery products in name only.

Many of these “-zymes” contain surfactants, polyacrylamids, and chemical polymers, while containing no biological DNA. These lesser products have shown to react chemically in crude oil, have a very short shelf life, produce modest yields, and possess no test data to substantiate performance claims.

GreenZyme is the world’s first enzyme catalyst to be used in enhanced oil recovery and has a well-established reputation for superior performance and environmental safety. GreenZyme can be shipped unregulated to any location in the world via commercial air carrier. GreenZyme is routinely ordered, shipped, mixed, and injected within the frame of two to three weeks.

See why GreenZyme is the preferred choice of oil energy professionals around the world:

Proven Performance

Wells treated with GreenZyme will typically increase daily production output by 90% or greater, and often double in production two weeks after being treated. These enhanced levels of production normally continue for a period ranging between 18 months and 3 years or longer. Because GreenZyme is a non-consumable substance and does not suffer from substantial levels of degradation, EOR operations conducted with GreenZyme outperform most other methods of EOR.

Simple Application

Treating a well with GreenZyme is a simple process and requires only a large mobile mixing tank and a high-pressure pump capable of 5,000 PSI. GreenZyme is mixed with produced water (saline/brine) at a ratio of between 1% and 10%, then pumped into the well through its casing-tubing. The well is capped for three days (standard duration) to allow GreenZyme to distribute and release the oil. Normal production is then resumed.

Cost Effective

By enhancing the production of existing wells, GreenZyme enhances return on investment and offers an expedient and cost-efficient alternative to exploration and drilling in order to meet increased demand.

Trusted Worldwide

Since 1999, GreenZyme has been in continuous use as a production stimulating catalyst in enhanced oil recovery (EOR) operations. GreenZyme is the world’s first bio-enzyme catalyst used in EOR and has treated thousands of wells.

Environmentally Safe

GreenZyme is non-toxic, non-pathogenic, environmentally safe, and requires no special handling. GreenZyme has a near-neutral pH (5-7). It is biodegradeable and requires no cleanup or disposal.

High Tolerance

Because GreenZyme is a non-living, DNA-based catalyst it is unaffected by adverse environmental conditions occurring within the formation. GreenZyme is not affected by temperature, pH, or salinity. GreenZyme resists the harmful effects of both naturally occurring substances such as radioactive isotopes, metallic ions, and sulfur, as well as residual chemicals and microbes from prior EOR treatments.

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GreenZyme Advantages
  • Proven performance
  • Superior to other EOR methods
  • Simple application
  • Expedient
  • Environmentally safe
  • Cost-efficient
GreenZyme Applications
  • Waterflooding wells
  • Single huff-and-puff wells
  • Steam-injection wells
  • Chemical fracturing wells
  • Acid-treated and hot oil–treated wells
  • Chemical EOR-treated wells
  • Thermal extraction wells
  • Sludge cleanup in tanks, containers, ships, and pipelines
  • Oil spill and accident cleanup


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