Cathodic Protection TESTING

NIXUS supplies a complete array of cathodic protection system testing components and materials, from a wide range of manufacturers. Our CP engineers can assist you with determining your exact testing needs and choosing the best equipment and components for your system.

Parallel Axis Dual Coupon Test Stations

The CS-3100 test station has a unique parallel axis arrangement of the dual coupons which allows an accurate, inexpensive, and easily installed alternative for monitoring the effectiveness of cathodic protection on pipelines and other underground structures. It is most suitable for trouble spots, where off-potential readings are impossible. It is realiable under adverse conditions including areas with stray and telluric currents and multiple pipelines rights-of-way.

SESCO Current Interrupters

The SESCO ADI-100 Satellite Synchronized Solid State Current Interrupter has been used and extensively field tested for more than seven years. Hardware and software reliability has been fully proven. Programming the unit is a simple and intuitive process and once programmed, the unit operates at precise time for weeks. The internal clock is updated once per second via GPS and the programmed schedule is stored on the unit’s internal RAM. Should the power of the rectifier be interrupted, the unit will return to the stored schedule on restoration of power. The source of interruption is solid state and the resistance of the connection will be no more than that of the connection cables (No. 4 welding cables), which is insignificant.

  • AC or DC power interruption
  • Solid State circuitry
  • Easy and intuitive programming interface
  • GPS clock synchronization
  • Low-visibility grey Pelican® enclosure
  • 10-year battery life
  • Cables included
  • Quality construction
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Stuart Steel Protection

NIXUS International is the exclusive export distribution agent for Stuart Steel Protection, one of the world's largest suppliers of cathodic protection equipment and materials with more than 100 product lines.


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