Global Trading

Intermediary Management

As an “intermediary” or export management operation, NIXUS International staff and our overseas associates every year handle trade worth millions of U.S. Dollars throughout the globe, to established and emerging markets. If your firm is new to trading overseas, the NIXUS turnkey package of services can supplant the need for a dedicated export department. Companies established in foreign markets may also benefit from the many services available.

  • Overseas Sales and Marketing
  • Export Documentation Preparation
  • Transportation Management
  • After Sales Service
  • Currency Exchange and Collections
  • Sources of Financing


Exclusive representation in the U.S.A. and worldwide on behalf of domestic and foreign principals. The NIXUS staff and overseas associates have a technical and engineering bias. Therefore, your products and services will be promoted by people who understand them.

Quality & Compliance

NIXUS International is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Many of our product lines are certified and/or ASME compliant.

Popular Product Lines

  • All Stuart Steel Product Lines
  • StrongBack®
  • GreenZyme® EEOR
  • CP Tech Galvalum™ Anodes
  • Champlain EXAR™ Cable
  • Performance Wire & Cable
  • LP Hoying Power Supplies
  • SESCO Interrupters

Product Support

NIXUS International's clients receive the highest level of customer service and product support before, during, and after each purchase.


NIXUS International
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